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Trump threatens partial asylum shutdown

Many California residents are troubled by the pronouncements about immigration policies made by President Trump, including reports that he plans to at least partially shut down the asylum process in response to the migrant caravan traveling through Mexico. The administration has openly said that it is using the immigration issue as a means of encouraging voter turnout for Republicans in the midterm elections, so it is unclear to what extent the administration will work to act on these statements following Nov. 6. If the Trump administration attempts to stop the asylum process, it will be likely be challenged in federal court.

Lawsuit challenges asylum 'Turnback Policy'

Many advocates in Colorado and across the country have expressed rising concerns about the Trump administration's approach to immigration policy, especially on refugee and asylum issues. Legal action in multiple venues has followed a wave of intense enforcement, including one lawsuit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The suit alleges that the administration acted illegally by deliberately restricting access to the asylum process at entry ports on the border between the United States and Mexico.

Immigrant deportation freeze extended by judge

The fate of immigrants seeking asylum in California and other states has been placed in the hands of the federal government and the American Civil Liberties Union. A federal judge ruled on Aug. 17 that they must create a plan to address parents and children separated at the border with Mexico. On Aug. 16, a judge froze the deportations of parents and children who had been reunified after initially being separated.

Asylum seekers' deportation stopped in emergency hearing

Many people in California and across the country have closely followed the ongoing cases in federal court challenging actions taken by the Trump administration to deport asylum seekers. On Aug. 9, one federal judge harshly condemned the administration's actions when he learned that two of the people impacted by the case he was overseeing were facing deportation at that moment. The two were on a plane to El Salvador at the time of the hearing; however, the district court judge blocked their deportation. The plane was turned around on the ground in El Salvador and returned to Texas.

Seeking asylum in the United States

Coming to the United States may have been a frightening experience. However, the fear of immigrating to a new country may have seemed manageable compared to the circumstances that existed for you in your homeland. Like many, you came to the U.S. and made your way to Colorado to find a new life with new opportunities. However, you may only achieve this if your lawful status protects you from removal.

California immigrant advocates rally in San Jose

Immigrant advocates gathered at the headquarters of the Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network to rally together with community members and faith leaders against the Trump administration and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy of separating children from their parents. The rally was held on June 1.

Things to know when seeking asylum in the US

There was a man who told Customs and Border Protection officers that he'd rather spend his life in a United States prison than return to his country of origin because it was so dangerous to live amid the violence there. You may be able to relate to that man's story because you too have come to Colorado seeking asylum in the United States. Leaving the community you have always known and coming to a place you may have never even visited can be stressful and scary.  

What happens after the revocation of temporary protected status?

The federal government recently announced the termination of temporary protected status (TPS) for immigrants from El Salvador. This is not the first country to lose TPS in recent memory, as immigrants from Haiti will have their status revoked on January 22nd, 2018. Many families may wonder what comes next and if they can stay in the United States. We will review what can happen after TPS ends and the options immigrants have to stay in the country. 

Obtaining temporary protected status

Escaping your native country may be the most difficult and dangerous decision of your life. Perhaps you desired to protect your family, and you worried for their safety every minute of the day. While you may want to return home, war, famine, an epidemic or some other extraordinary situation may make life there dangerous and difficult or make it impossible for you to even try to return. You may be eligible to remain in Colorado a little longer.

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