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deportation and removal Archives

Judge stays deportation in day care immigration case

Colorado residents may recall media reports from October 2017 about an undocumented Mexican worker who was taken into custody by federal immigration agents after dropping his daughter off at a day care center. The man has spent the subsequent months at a detention facility in California awaiting deportation, but those proceedings were brought to an abrupt halt on March 29 when an immigration judge issued a withholding of removal order and paved the way for his release.

Former soldier deported to Mexico

Immigrants living in Colorado or elsewhere may be deported if they lose their legal status even if they have served in the military. A 39-year-old man was deported back to Mexico after his application for citizenship was denied because of a previous felony drug conviction. The man had arrived in the United States legally as a child, but he chose to continually renew his green card rather than become a citizen.

Detainees sue ICE over detention

Immigrants in Colorado may face deportation even if they have lawful permanent residence status. If immigrants are convicted of criminal offenses, they may be subjected to deportation and removal proceedings. Recently, a lawsuit was filed in California against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement on behalf of a number of Vietnamese immigrants who are currently being detained.

Community support helps man avoid deportation

Many immigrants in Colorado and across the country are facing increased concerns about the threat of deportation and removal. However, the case of one active veteran provides some inspiration of the possibility of avoiding deportation through community action and involvement. One man who was born in Pakistan and lived in Australia before coming to the United States has been engaged for nine years in a battle to stop his deportation.

Is your Temporary Protected Status scheduled to end?

If you are in the country under Temporary Protected Status (TPS), you may be concerned about the recent news coverage announcing the end of TPS designations for certain countries. There is a great deal of fear in the air, and you may be confused about what to believe and what you can do.

Asylum seeker arrested by ICE agents at asylum hearing

Colorado readers may be interested to learn that a Sudanese man seeking asylum in the United States was arrested moments after completing an interview with federal immigration officials in California. Experts say the arrest, which took place on Feb. 8, is just the latest in a series of aggressive immigration-related moves by the Trump administration.

Immigrant parent of sick child aims to avoid deportation

Colorado residents may have heard that the father of a 5-year-old child who is battling cancer was recently ordered deported as part of an effort to crackdown on undocumented immigrants in the United States. However, he is currently staying at Shadow Rock United Church of Christ in Phoenix and plans to stay there for as long as it takes to resolve his case. The man had been deported once before in 2006, and he was apprehended again by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2016.

Man deported after 30 years in the United States

Colorado residents may be familiar with the story of a man who was sent back to Mexico after 30 years in the United States. While the man was just recently deported, his immigration status had been in question since the Obama administration. The man had tried to obtain legal status in 2002, but his attorney made errors in following proper protocols, which led to his selection for removal.

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