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U.S. could stop granting asylum to domestic violence victims

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is currently considering whether domestic violence victims from foreign countries should qualify for asylum in the United States. His decision could impact the cases of thousands of immigrants in California and across the country.

Is your sibling ready to join you in the U.S?

Your successful application for U.S. citizenship has opened many doors for you. You may be preparing to vote in Colorado primary elections, seeking financial aid for your education, or applying for one of the many enticing federal jobs for which your citizenship makes you eligible to apply. Perhaps equally important to you is that your status in the U.S. is secure, and as long as you abide by the laws of the land, you will not have to fear deportation.

Will climate change lead to a new definition of refugees?

Under international law, a person may claim refugee status is they are escaping a war zone in their home country or if they would face persecution (based on religion, race, political affiliation etc.) by returning to their home country. The United States follows the same guidelines in determining refugee status eligibility. But what does this mean for people displaced by climate change?

Love without borders

If you hold a green card, chances are you still have connections in your home country. You may have left behind parents, siblings, old friends and schoolmates with whom you keep in regular contact. However, if you are missing that one special person, you may have decided the time is right to get married and start your life together here in the United States. There is probably no reason to rush the wedding date since obtaining a green card for a potential spouse can be a very long, complicated process.

Bringing a family member to the USA: 5 Things to consider

Bringing a loved one to join you in the U.S. as a citizen or permanent resident is not always an easy task. A family immigration attorney can help you navigate the often confusing application process. Be prepared to discuss and document the following criteria.

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