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An additional 30,000 foreign workers to be granted H-2B visas

Employers in California and around the country are likely pleased to see the economy booming. However, finding workers to fill low-skilled jobs is becoming increasingly difficult. President Trump has repeatedly said that even legal immigration is a threat to American jobs, but pleas from the business sector and the lowest unemployment level in decades seems to have prompted him to soften his position on the issue. According to media reports, Trump is planning to allow U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to issue an additional 30,000 H-2B visas to foreign seasonal workers.

USCIS vows to scrutinize child marriage petitions more closely

An Associated Press report released in January revealed that more than 5,000 adults in California and around the country have submitted immigration petitions on behalf of spouses under the age of 18. The report, which was based on figures from the Department of Homeland Security, also revealed that 3,000 minors in the United States have petitioned to have adult spouses or fiancées admitted into the United States.

Your wedding bells rang, then ICE knocked at your door

You married the love of your life and moved into your dream house here in Colorado. Okay, so perhaps it is not exactly your dream house, but it is large enough to welcome the children you and your spouse hope to have. It's also a nice place to live while you make plans for your future, which may at some point, include building that home of your dreams.

Marriage-based immigration document preparation

One way for immigrants to gain citizenship after entry into the U.S. is to become married to a United States citizen in Colorado or any other state. However, the immigration process can still be quite difficult to navigate. That's why many people seek the advice of an immigration attorney for assistance with the process of obtaining a green card.

U.S. could stop granting asylum to domestic violence victims

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is currently considering whether domestic violence victims from foreign countries should qualify for asylum in the United States. His decision could impact the cases of thousands of immigrants in California and across the country.

Is your sibling ready to join you in the U.S?

Your successful application for U.S. citizenship has opened many doors for you. You may be preparing to vote in Colorado primary elections, seeking financial aid for your education, or applying for one of the many enticing federal jobs for which your citizenship makes you eligible to apply. Perhaps equally important to you is that your status in the U.S. is secure, and as long as you abide by the laws of the land, you will not have to fear deportation.

Are you worried about being separated from your family?

If there is one thing that is certain about U.S. immigration law, it's that it's always changing. When you arrived in Colorado, you may have had urgent circumstances that caused you to request asylum. That was the case for one mother and her 7-year-old child in another state. The mother said that she and her child had fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo in fear for their lives. She requested asylum, and officials found her story credible.

Preparation often key to successful Stokes interview

Getting married is often a joyful and exciting time in a couple's relationship. Marriage is a major step toward a lifelong commitment, which couples often mark with special ceremonies and celebrations. If you arrived in Colorado from another country to marry a U.S. citizen, your excitement may be mixed with stress and anxiety.

Will climate change lead to a new definition of refugees?

Under international law, a person may claim refugee status is they are escaping a war zone in their home country or if they would face persecution (based on religion, race, political affiliation etc.) by returning to their home country. The United States follows the same guidelines in determining refugee status eligibility. But what does this mean for people displaced by climate change?

Can my sibling come to Colorado?

After fulfilling all of the requirements for naturalization, you finally reached your goal of becoming a citizen of the United States. Now, you want to bring your sibling to Colorado to live. For whatever reason, your sibling remained in your country of origin when you emigrated but has now decided to join you in the United States.

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