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DOJ and DHS announce new asylum rules

New outlets in California and around the country have devoted a significant amount of coverage in recent weeks to a caravan of migrants that is currently making its way to the United States from Honduras. Members of the caravan have told reporters that they hope to escape desperate poverty and pervasive violence in their home country by claiming asylum once they reach America, but those plans may need to be put on hold in light of new immigration rules announced on Nov. 8 and put into place by a White House proclamation issued by President Trump on Nov. 9.

Trump hints at birthright citizenship executive order

Politicians in California and around the country have been ramping up the rhetoric as the crucial 2018 midterm elections draw near, and immigration is a hot-button issue that makes voters on both sides of the political aisle sit up and pay attention. President Trump is well aware of this and made immigration a primary focus during his successful 2016 presidential run, and he placed the issue front and center once again on Oct. 30 when media outlets reported that he was mulling ending birthright citizenship in the United States.

Trump administration proposal would change green card rules

Some immigrants in California might be concerned about the effect a proposed new change by the Trump administration will have on their ability to access government benefits and still get a green card. The proposal would disqualify some immigrants from becoming permanent residents even if they were eligible for the benefits they received.

Diplomats' same sex partners may have to leave the U.S.

LGBTQ rights remain a hot-button topic almost certain to provoke spirited disagreement. Since a 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriages must be granted by each state and each state must recognize same-sex marriages formed in other states, such as California, for example. That ruling, however, does not address the issue of same-sex marriages in other countries.

New rule could impact permanent residents

Immigrants in California and around the country could be denied a green card if they have been reliant on certain forms of public assistance. They could also be denied the chance to have a green card renewed if they are already in the country legally. This is according to action taken by the Trump administration. It seeks to update a 1999 rule that applied to immigrants who had used cash benefits.

New policy to deter immigration

While the fate of Trump's promise to build a stronger border wall is up in the air, what is not uncertain is the administration's determination to place obstacles in the path of those seeking legal admission to or permanent residency in the U.S. Some people in California and other states are calling this the "paper wall."

DHS proposes extending detention limits for child immigrants

California families and friends of immigrants are probably aware of the controversy that has surrounded the Trump administration's policy of separating children from parents and detaining them apart from their parents, who in some cases have been deported while the children remain in custody. Over 2,900 children were separated and detained in the initial stages of the policy, sparking international outrage over what has been characterized by critics as inhumane treatment of immigrant children. Now, the Department of Homeland Security has announced plans to circumvent the standing rule that required the release of children within 20 days of their detention.

Colorado immigrants often encounter these challenges

No two situations are exactly the same when immigrant families cross U.S. borders to begin new lives in Colorado. Whether your entire family arrived at the same time or you and your spouse traveled separately with your children, you likely encountered numerous situations that made you feel nervous or uncomfortable in some way as you adapted to your new lifestyle.  

Choose clothing styles carefully for immigration interviews

If you consider yourself rather newly acquainted with Colorado living after having emigrated from another country of origin, various issues or situations may still be challenging for you or your loved ones. Perhaps you have a language barrier and when someone starts speaking quickly in English, you feel a little overwhelmed. 

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