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Trump immigration plan raises concerns

People in Colorado with family members waiting for green cards or who are themselves waiting for employment-based permanent residency may be troubled by reports of immigration legislation backed by President Donald Trump. The Trump administration is reportedly preparing to introduce a bill into Congress that will reflect Trump's expressed goals of ending the family-based and employment-based routes to permanent residence in favor of replacing them with a points-based system. In particular, reports indicate that the existing backlog of 4 million applications for green cards will be wiped out.

Examining the benefits of green card status

After obtaining a visa to study, work or visit in the United States, many immigrants consider the option of adjusting their status to permanent residency. Still others may apply for permanent residency from the start, through their employer or the sponsorship of a family member who is a U.S. citizen. You may have special qualifications that make you eligible for a green card, or you may be taking your chances through the U.S. Immigration lottery.

Undocumented green card applicant detained at ICE interview

People in Denver applying for a green card or U.S. permanent residency may be concerned about how the immigration policies of the Trump administration could affect their applications. In some cases, people who were undocumented in the United States but are now applying for green cards due to marriage to a citizen have faced detention and threats of deportation. Two civil liberties organizations have filed a lawsuit against the government to block the practice after a man was arrested in New York at an ICE office, where he went to begin his green card application.

Proposal could cause immigrants to avoid accessing benefits

A Trump administration proposal that has been leaked could have negative repercussions for immigrants in Colorado who are seeking permanent residency. The proposal would make it less likely for a person's application for permanent residency to be approved if they have used certain non-cash government benefits including tax credits, food stamps, subsidized Affordable Care Act plans or Medicaid. They could also be affected by family members, including children who are citizens, using those benefits.

Are you eligible for a self-petitioned green card?

Navigating the visa process for permission to live and work in the United States can be extremely complicated and stressful. Perhaps you initially entered Colorado or another state with the assistance of a spouse or other family member who petitioned on your behalf. Someone you know (or perhaps yourself) may have been mistreated by someone they thought they could trust and relied on to help them seek an adjustment of status.
Sadly, domestic violence is a major problem in many towns throughout the nation.

Are you eligible for a green card?

Some people living in Colorado as immigrants waited years to enter the United States. If you are currently trying to navigate the process to obtain a green card, you may find that, some days, you have more questions than answers. As with most U.S. immigration law topics, applying for a green card can be quite complicated and overwhelming. To begin with, not everyone is eligible for non-citizen permanent residency. Beyond knowing that green cards are called such because of their color, you may lack information needed to apply.

The next step after receiving a green card through marriage

Receiving conditional resident status in the United States was a happy side effect of your marriage. In fact, going through the channels to obtain your status in this country may have been one element that delayed your marriage or at least created a bit of extra tension during your preparations. However, the benefits you gained were worth the stress.

Getting the green light on a green card renewal

Renewing a green card that is either already expired or about to expire can be a complex process, and it may not go as smoothly as you would hope. Even if you have already walked through the complicated paperwork before, every immigrant may benefit from the assistance of an attorney who can help them navigate the bureaucratic process. 

What does an adjustment of status mean for me?

As you go through the process of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States, you go through several statuses. When you first arrive in the United States, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services considers you as a non-immigrant or parolee (temporary). Once you go through the admissions and inspection process, you could become eligible for the "adjustment of status" process whereby you become a permanent resident (obtain your green card).

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