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Have you fulfilled your duties to become a US citizen?

When you left your native country and obtained a green card to live in the U.S. as a permanent resident, you may have decided to leave your plans uncertain. Perhaps you left family in your homeland, or you wanted to see if your search for employment would be profitable. Whatever path you took when you came to Colorado, you are now happy living here and want to take the next step.

Seeking permanent residency amid domestic violence

You may have friends or family members who have obtained their green cards through the sponsorship of a relative or employer. A green card grants permanent residence status to the holder, opening many benefits and protections. If you want this status for yourself, there may be one thing holding you back: The person who would sponsor you is also your abuser.

Beware the signs of immigration fraud

When you decided to come to Colorado to build a new life in the United States for yourself and your family, you likely encountered various challenges as you navigated the immigration process. It is crucial that you fully understand all regulations that apply to your situation to avoid major delays or problems as you bring your immigration plans to fruition.

Are you worried about being separated from your family?

If there is one thing that is certain about U.S. immigration law, it's that it's always changing. When you arrived in Colorado, you may have had urgent circumstances that caused you to request asylum. That was the case for one mother and her 7-year-old child in another state. The mother said that she and her child had fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo in fear for their lives. She requested asylum, and officials found her story credible.

Preparation often key to successful Stokes interview

Getting married is often a joyful and exciting time in a couple's relationship. Marriage is a major step toward a lifelong commitment, which couples often mark with special ceremonies and celebrations. If you arrived in Colorado from another country to marry a U.S. citizen, your excitement may be mixed with stress and anxiety.

J-1 Summer Work Travel brings students to new experiences

Not many people think of waiting tables or running a cash register as an exciting adventure. However, if you have the chance to do this kind of work while visiting the United States, you may indeed consider it an adventure. Traveling to another country to meet the people and soak in the culture can be a life-changing experience.

Knowing where to seek support may help you avoid these worries

As an immigrant living and working in Colorado, you may face various types of challenges that the average U.S. citizen is not likely to encounter in his or her own daily life. Without intending any sort of stereotype, there may be certain issues that cause you stress and worry as an immigrant, especially if you're one of many whose paperwork is not in order.

De-stress your K1 visa process

No matter where your country of origin happens to be, if you intend to marry and start a new life in Colorado, as an immigrant you will likely face several challenges along your journey. Getting married is definitely a cause of joy for most people and your wedding day is something you'll want to have fond memories of in years to come. The last thing you need is to face major visa problems or other immigration obstacles that could delay or prevent your entrance to the United States.

The difference between immigrant and non-immigrant visas

If you plan to enter the United States from another country of origin, that means you need an immigrant visa, right? Perhaps, although it would depend on your particular purpose for wanting to come to Colorado -- or whichever state in which you planned to reside. U.S. immigration law is quite complex and often changes. The last thing you need is to violate some sort of regulation and find yourself locked up in a detention center, awaiting a removal hearing.

Are you eligible for a green card?

Some people living in Colorado as immigrants waited years to enter the United States. If you are currently trying to navigate the process to obtain a green card, you may find that, some days, you have more questions than answers. As with most U.S. immigration law topics, applying for a green card can be quite complicated and overwhelming. To begin with, not everyone is eligible for non-citizen permanent residency. Beyond knowing that green cards are called such because of their color, you may lack information needed to apply.

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