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As an immigrant, you are no stranger to the bureaucracy and paperwork that accompany applying for a visa or green card. Because even renewing these documents is not always a straightforward process, you may need a qualified lawyer to assist you to ensure you retain the right to live and work in the U.S. Our firm can help.

Ramos Immigration Law can help you whether you are in Colorado, outside the state or even outside the country. Call 303-417-6370 now to arrange to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your immigration concerns.

Renewing A Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

If your green card is going to expire soon – and especially if it already has expired – we can help you correctly complete and submit Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. In order to minimize the risk that your green card expires, we encourage you to begin the process of renewing it at least six months before its expiration date.

Submitting a complete and correct application is critical, because it is not possible to appeal a denied green card renewal. It is possible to have a case reopened, however, so if your renewal was denied, contact us for legal help.

Renewing A Conditional Permanent Resident Card

Some green cards are only issued for two years; these are known as conditional permanent resident cards. If your green card is only valid for two years, this means that you have to submit additional information in order to have the conditions lifted.

Conditional permanent resident cards require different forms. For example, you may need to fill out Form I-751 or Form I-829. We can determine the correct form you need and make sure that it is completed correctly and submitted before your conditional green card expires.

Applying For or Renewing a Visa

Our firm also helps tourists, students and others who are in or outside the U.S. apply for and renew visas. For example, we can help with:

  • B-2 tourist visas
  • B-1 business visitor visas
  • F-1 student visas
  • Nonimmigrant (V) visas for spouses and children of permanent residents

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

The U.S. government offers people from certain countries the ability to remain in the U.S. if conditions in those countries make returning dangerous. This usually happens in cases where a country is in an ongoing military conflict, such as a civil war, or following a large environmental disaster. Temporary protected status (TPS) does not confer any permanent immigration benefits, but people allowed to remain in the U.S. through TPS can continue to apply for green cards and other immigration benefits.

Countries that currently have a TPS designation are:

  • El Salvador
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Syria

If you or a loved one is a citizen of any of these countries (or last resided in any of them) and you want to stay in the United States, we can help you determine if you are eligible for temporary immigration status through TPS.

Help With Asylum And Refugee Claims

To obtain asylum in the U.S., you or a loved one who is already in the U.S. must prove past persecution and fear of future persecution based on at least one of the following grounds:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Membership in a particular social group
  • Political opinion

Seeking asylum status should never be taken lightly, as there are serious consequences if an asylum application is found to have been filed frivolously or fraudulently – including future ineligibility for many forms of immigration benefits. We encourage you to speak with us before deciding whether you or a loved one should seek asylum.

If you or a loved one is outside of the U.S., we can determine whether you meet the requirements for refugee status that would allow you to come to the U.S.

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