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De-stress your K1 visa process

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Visas

No matter where your country of origin happens to be, if you intend to marry and start a new life in Colorado, as an immigrant you will likely face several challenges along your journey. Getting married is definitely a cause of joy for most people and your wedding day is something you’ll want to have fond memories of in years to come. The last thing you need is to face major visa problems or other immigration obstacles that could delay or prevent your entrance to the United States.

As with most immigration processes, the K1 visa system is often complicate to navigate if you are not familiar with the way things work. If you have another family member or close friend who has already successfully applied for and obtained a fiancé visa, as it’s sometimes called, you may be able to seek information that can help you avoid problems and can prepare you for what lies ahead.

K1 visa issues that may be of paramount importance to you

If you have never been married and your situation is a bit more complicated because you are an immigrant who is marrying a U.S. citizen, the following ideas may help you keep stress to a minimum:

  • You must submit all appropriate forms and paperwork if you wish to marry a U.S. citizen. There are numerous documents required and it’s best to seek clear understanding ahead of time to avoid complications down the line.
  • As a K1 visa holder, you will be required to marry the U.S. citizen you expressly stated you intended to marry within 90 days of your entry to the United States.
  • Once all your forms are properly submitted with your application for a K1 visa, an immigration official will contact you to arrange a pre-marriage interview. The purpose of this interview is to confirm that your relationship with your fiancé is valid and that you are eligible for entrance to the United States to marry a U.S. citizen.
  • Evidence of your relationship as well as the length of time you have been involved in a relationship with the person you intend to marry will help validate your request for a fiancé visa. Dated photographs, proof of travel to or from one country to the other, etc., can help show immigration officials you have legitimate reasons for wanting to marry a U.S. citizen.

You may feel nervous or even afraid as you work your way through the immigration process, which is understandable seeing as any type of serious obstacle could not only stall your wedding plans but could halt them altogether.

Many Colorado immigrants turn to immigration and naturalization law attorneys for support when any obstacles or problems arise during visa or other immigration processes.