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October 2018 Archives

Trump hints at birthright citizenship executive order

Politicians in California and around the country have been ramping up the rhetoric as the crucial 2018 midterm elections draw near, and immigration is a hot-button issue that makes voters on both sides of the political aisle sit up and pay attention. President Trump is well aware of this and made immigration a primary focus during his successful 2016 presidential run, and he placed the issue front and center once again on Oct. 30 when media outlets reported that he was mulling ending birthright citizenship in the United States.

Are you new to Colorado?

You might be one of many Colorado residents who thrives on new experiences. Then again, you might belong to a different category of people who prefer routine and consistency in their daily lives; in short, the more things stay the same, the happier they are. Perhaps you'd describe yourself as somewhere in between these two extremes, sometimes embracing new ideas, sometimes struggling to adapt. 

Lawsuit challenges asylum 'Turnback Policy'

Many advocates in Colorado and across the country have expressed rising concerns about the Trump administration's approach to immigration policy, especially on refugee and asylum issues. Legal action in multiple venues has followed a wave of intense enforcement, including one lawsuit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The suit alleges that the administration acted illegally by deliberately restricting access to the asylum process at entry ports on the border between the United States and Mexico.

How much do you know about the removal process?

Do you know that more than 11 million immigrants live in Colorado and beyond who entered the U.S. without having their paperwork in order? However, even if you followed a step-by-step process and obtained a family-based, employment-based or some other type of visa before you crossed a border, it still is no guarantee you will never face legal status problems or wind up in a detention center, facing removal proceedings.

Trump administration proposal would change green card rules

Some immigrants in California might be concerned about the effect a proposed new change by the Trump administration will have on their ability to access government benefits and still get a green card. The proposal would disqualify some immigrants from becoming permanent residents even if they were eligible for the benefits they received.

Did you enter the U.S. without inspection?

The immigration process in the United States is complex, and that is no accident. The government has a strict protocol for inspecting those wishing to enter the country. The purpose behind this complicated process is to protect the country and its citizens.

Diplomats' same sex partners may have to leave the U.S.

LGBTQ rights remain a hot-button topic almost certain to provoke spirited disagreement. Since a 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriages must be granted by each state and each state must recognize same-sex marriages formed in other states, such as California, for example. That ruling, however, does not address the issue of same-sex marriages in other countries.

Stay updated on immigration statistics and facts

How often do you talk to your neighbors, co-workers or family members about immigration? It's definitely a hot topic in Colorado and throughout the United States. However, it's also a controversial topic, to say the least. Political agendas, personal convictions and cultural norms influence people's mindsets regarding those who come to the United States to live from other countries.  

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