Immigration Law Is All About Family


FAQs about U.S. visas

You need a visa to enter the U.S. and stay in the country on a limited basis. According to The U.S. Department of State, a visa lets you travel to the port of entry, land border crossing or airport and request permission to enter the U.S. Since possessing a visa does...

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De-stress your K1 visa process

No matter where your country of origin happens to be, if you intend to marry and start a new life in Colorado, as an immigrant you will likely face several challenges along your journey. Getting married is definitely a cause of joy for most people and your wedding day...

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How can a U visa impact your family?

As someone who entered the country through unconventional methods, you may face numerous anxieties on a daily basis. Issues that could seem negligible to a citizen or green card holder may seem insurmountable to you as an undocumented immigrant. Illness, injury or...

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