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July 2019 Archives

Are you 1 of 700,000 who will become US citizens this year?

When you and your family traveled from abroad and crossed a U.S. border, you may have had an ultimate goal in mind: to become a U.S. citizen. Perhaps your Colorado neighborhood has several households that include immigrants. As you prepare for citizenship, it can be helpful to talk to others who have already succeeded in such goals. Their insight and advice can provide strong support, especially if you're worried about possible obstacles that may arise along the way.

Spousal immigration can come with lengthy delays

Spousal immigration is one of the most common ways for people to join their loved ones in California or elsewhere in the United States. Of course, people who marry want to live together in the same place as quickly as possible. Still, delays in processing time or for lengthy investigations may keep people separated for longer than they may expect. At congressional hearings into the issue of processing delays in the U.S. immigration system, spousal sponsorships were specifically identified as an area of concern where action is needed to improve the system.

Trump administration makes asylum rules more restrictive

On July 15, the Trump administration drastically changed the U.S. asylum policy for immigrants moving through multiple countries to reach the southern border of the United States, making most families fleeing violence in Central America ineligible to enter California or other border states. A representative of the American Civil Liberties Union called the move "patently unlawful".

Culture shock stress: Legal issues can make it worse

When you stepped onto U.S. soil and traveled to Colorado, you knew you were leaving behind everything and everyone with which you were familiar in your country of origin. Still, you had plans and dreams of starting afresh and building a new life and memories for yourself and perhaps your loved ones, if they traveled with you.

Judge rules in favor of immigrants regarding detention policies

Migrants who are in custody after seeking asylum in the United States have the right to seek bail according to a federal judge. The ruling goes against an order from Attorney General William Barr to not grant bail for asylum seekers even after they have passed a credible fear review. The judge ruled that the directive violated the Constitution as it deprived those individuals of their right to due process.

Perhaps the most important test for which you'll ever study

Moving to Colorado from another country can be exciting and stressful at the same time. As an immigrant, you may experience a significant learning curve. You have to learn to speak, write and read English. You may also struggle to adjust to certain cultural norms. However, millions of other people can relate to your struggle and have been able to carve out happy, successful lives for themselves in the United States.

Sunset period for non-minister religious worker visas

Over the years, many religious workers have come to California through a special immigrant visa program designed for exactly this purpose. Ministers and non-ministers have been eligible to immigrate to the United States or adjust their status to permanent residency under the employment-based, fourth-preference visa program of EB-4. This has been particularly important for religious institutions primarily serving immigrant communities. While there is no annual cap on the number of ministers who can receive these visas every year, non-ministers have been restricted in the past to only 5,000 approved visas every year.

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