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June 2019 Archives

Conditions for temporary protective status

U.S. immigration law is so complex, it can be confusing to understand, even if you are well-versed in this type of law. For the average immigrant family who may be residing in Colorado, numerous issues or situations may prompt legal status problems. If you don't know your rights or where to seek support to help protect them, you could land in a heap of trouble.

Supreme Court decides on awareness of illegal status

In a June decision by the Supreme Court, justices voted 7-2 that prosecutors need to prove that defendants, illegal immigrants with firearms violations, are aware they are committing a crime in order to be found guilty. The majority stated that lawmakers likely didn't intend to punish violators who were simply ignorant of their status, while the two dissenters say that this ruling sets a dangerous precedent. The decision will affect many immigrant defendants in California and throughout the country.

President Trump wants changes to asylum policy

Individuals who are looking to seek asylum typically need only be present in the United States and qualify as a refugee. That means that a person could cross the border from Mexico into California and ask for protection. However, President Trump wants migrants to ask for asylum in another country first before they decide to do so in the United States. This could be problematic for many different reasons.

House passes new DREAM Act

On June 5, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed the most recent version of the DREAM Act, which would offer millions of young undocumented individuals in California and elsewhere a pathway to United States citizenship. The bill will now head to the Republican-led Senate, where it is expected to languish.

Visas: Immigrant or non-immigrant? Which do you need?

Colorado is home to many people who traveled to the United States from other countries of origin. You may have plans of your own to apply for a visa that brings you one step closer to legally entering the U.S., either on a temporary or permanent basis. Determining which type of visa you need and learning more about the legal processes involved can help you avoid complications that may impede you from achieving your goals.

Making sure you have the immigration documents you need

Arriving in Colorado as an immigrant is typically not without its challenges. Depending on whether you traveled to the United States alone or with a spouse or other family members, as well as what your purpose for being here happens to be, you may need to acquire several or many documents to get your legal status in order.

USCIS to limit protections for unaccompanied migrant children

The steps taken by President Donald Trump to stem the flow of migrants crossing into California and other border states from countries in Central America has grown increasingly aggressive in recent weeks. On May 30 the President said that he would begin imposing tariffs on goods imported from Mexico on June 10 if steps were not taken to stop migrant caravans before they reach the United States, and on May 30 immigration authorities announced plans to limit special protections afforded to unaccompanied migrant children.

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