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November 2018 Archives

Federal judge temporarily stops new rule against asylum seekers

A federal judge in San Francisco placed a temporary restraining order on the new rules from the Trump administration that refuse asylum to immigrants entering the country illegally. As a migrant caravan started to arrive at the border of Mexico and California, the Center for Constitutional Rights and American Civil Liberties Union convinced the judge to recognize existing law that granted immigrants the right to apply for asylum between ports of entry.

Do you qualify for an immigration interview waiver?

Preparing for an immigration interview in Colorado or elsewhere can be quite stressful, especially if you have extenuating circumstances that may negatively affect your interview results. Depending on exactly what your circumstances are, however, you may be able to avoid the interview process altogether. That's because there are numerous reasons immigration officials may deem it unnecessary to interview you. 

DOJ and DHS announce new asylum rules

New outlets in California and around the country have devoted a significant amount of coverage in recent weeks to a caravan of migrants that is currently making its way to the United States from Honduras. Members of the caravan have told reporters that they hope to escape desperate poverty and pervasive violence in their home country by claiming asylum once they reach America, but those plans may need to be put on hold in light of new immigration rules announced on Nov. 8 and put into place by a White House proclamation issued by President Trump on Nov. 9.

Are you struggling to adapt to a new Colorado lifestyle?

It is likely you'd agree that nothing or no one could have fully prepared you for life as an immigrant in Colorado. You may have researched the customs and laws of the state, as well as those associated with life in general in the United States before you arrived; however, there are, no doubt, numerous issues that presented challenges for you as you began your new lifestyle here.  

Trump threatens partial asylum shutdown

Many California residents are troubled by the pronouncements about immigration policies made by President Trump, including reports that he plans to at least partially shut down the asylum process in response to the migrant caravan traveling through Mexico. The administration has openly said that it is using the immigration issue as a means of encouraging voter turnout for Republicans in the midterm elections, so it is unclear to what extent the administration will work to act on these statements following Nov. 6. If the Trump administration attempts to stop the asylum process, it will be likely be challenged in federal court.

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