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May 2018 Archives

ICE announces intention to begin deportations

Officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement may begin deporting families in California and throughout the country who have received deportation orders from a judge. The agency's intention is to start cracking down on immigrants even if they do not have a criminal record and to target what are known as sanctuary cities.

Immigration Customs and Enforcement actions called into question

If you immigrated to Colorado from another country, you may have encountered various challenges along the way. Especially if your arrival here did not include having all your paperwork in order, life in America may prove difficult, at least until you're able to rectify your situation. A man in another state is apparently having trouble doing so. 

Things to know when seeking asylum in the US

There was a man who told Customs and Border Protection officers that he'd rather spend his life in a United States prison than return to his country of origin because it was so dangerous to live amid the violence there. You may be able to relate to that man's story because you too have come to Colorado seeking asylum in the United States. Leaving the community you have always known and coming to a place you may have never even visited can be stressful and scary.  

Proposal could cause immigrants to avoid accessing benefits

A Trump administration proposal that has been leaked could have negative repercussions for immigrants in Colorado who are seeking permanent residency. The proposal would make it less likely for a person's application for permanent residency to be approved if they have used certain non-cash government benefits including tax credits, food stamps, subsidized Affordable Care Act plans or Medicaid. They could also be affected by family members, including children who are citizens, using those benefits.

Biometrics required for your naturalization process

It is no secret that the United States and other countries are dealing with critical issues of security. This is one reason why it is more difficult to come into the country, whether you are visiting or planning on remaining as a permanent resident. Additionally, the process of obtaining a visa or green card is intense and includes thorough background screenings.

Is your sibling ready to join you in the U.S?

Your successful application for U.S. citizenship has opened many doors for you. You may be preparing to vote in Colorado primary elections, seeking financial aid for your education, or applying for one of the many enticing federal jobs for which your citizenship makes you eligible to apply. Perhaps equally important to you is that your status in the U.S. is secure, and as long as you abide by the laws of the land, you will not have to fear deportation.

Are you in danger of removal from the U.S.?

Coming to the United States was likely not something you decided impulsively. The immigration process is notoriously slow and complex and you may have waited months or years before obtaining approval for your visa or green card. Once here, you may have found a place to live in Colorado, looked for work and perhaps made some special friends.

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