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December 2018 Archives

Do you know your due process rights as a Colorado immigrant?

When law enforcement officials detain or incarcerate someone in Colorado or any other state, that person has a right to due process of law. That means that every person may exercise his or her legal rights and navigate afforded court processes to ensure full adjudication of a particular matter. If you're an immigrant, this includes you!

Tips for talking with the USICS

At some point, an immigrant living in California or any other state may need to speak with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Individuals may be able to have a positive experience by preparing for their interviews. As part of the preparation process, obtain multiple copies of relevant documents and research them carefully. Those who don't speak English have the right to bring an interpreter to the hearing.

Court reaffirms domestic or gang violence as grounds for asylum

Asylum seekers approaching the border of California received some positive news when a federal judge ruled that new asylum policies from the U.S. Department of Justice violated existing law. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions had imposed the new policies earlier in the year to eliminate domestic or gang violence as acceptable threats for people seeking asylum. The policies had also called for the expedited removal of immigrants requesting asylum.

USCIS proposes changes to H1-B visa lottery rules

The H1-B visa program allows employers in California and around the country to hire foreign workers to fill positions that require specific skills or scientific knowledge when suitably qualified Americans cannot be found. However, the number of H1-B applications received each year far exceeds the 65,000 visa cap established by the Immigration and Nationality Act. To prevent American companies in emerging sectors from falling behind their international competitors, Congress approved a provision that allows a further 20,000 H1-B visas to be offered each year to foreign individuals who have earned a master's degree or higher from an accredited U.S. university.

Which visa do you need?

Planning to travel to Colorado from abroad can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Whether you will be arriving by yourself or with other family members, you can expect to encounter numerous challenges as you learn your way around your new community and adapt to a new culture.

Changes in U visa program leave many at risk

You may feel as if you will always be in danger. If you came to Colorado to find safety and security, you may have felt your dreams shatter when you became the victim of a crime. Whether you were an object of human trafficking or the victim of domestic abuse, the violence may have left you wondering if you would ever trust anyone again. The fact that you are in the U.S. without documentation makes it even more difficult for you.

Changes could be ahead for asylum-seekers

Some asylum seekers who hope to cross into California or another U.S. state from Mexico may be stopped at the border. Thousands of Central Americans are waiting in Mexico to come into the United States and seek asylum, but it may be weeks or months before some are allowed to cross. In the meantime, they are vulnerable to dangers on the other side of the border.

Americans name immigration as top concern in Gallup poll

California readers may be interested to learn that Americans say immigration is the most important concern facing the nation, according to a new Gallup poll. The survey, which was conducted between Nov. 1 and Nov. 11, includes responses collected both before and after the midterm elections.

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