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Immigration Customs and Enforcement actions called into question

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Removal Defense

If you immigrated to Colorado from another country, you may have encountered various challenges along the way. Especially if your arrival here did not include having all your paperwork in order, life in America may prove difficult, at least until you’re able to rectify your situation. A man in another state is apparently having trouble doing so.

He reportedly fled to U.S. soil because he feared for his life in his homeland. If you arrived here under similar circumstances, hopefully you knew how to tap into support resources available to help you seek asylum. Sadly, many immigrants are currently in detention centers throughout Colorado and other states, not only in situations having to do with asylum but for other reasons as well. Immigrant advocates acting on the man’s behalf say Immigration Customs and Enforcement officers are keeping him detained without just cause.

U.S. Constitution regarding legal detentions     

Whether you are or aren’t an American citizen, the U.S. Constitution governs the criminal justice system as far as who and under what circumstances authorities may place someone in detention. In short, when a law enforcement agent takes someone into custody, that person is entitled to a hearing to determine whether legal cause exists to put him or her behind bars.

Those advocating for the man who fled here from Mexico say he never received due process and it is against his constitutional rights to keep him locked up in an immigration detention facility. He was placed there when ICE officers reportedly showed up during an interview where he was taking steps toward obtaining a green card and took him into custody.

Extenuating circumstances

The man seems to face several obstacles in his case due to a past incident where he went back to Mexico to visit his ailing mother. When he tried to re-enter the United States, officials activated an expedited removal process against him. He eventually made his way across the border and passed a credible fear interview, proving that threats against his life prompted him to surreptitiously cross the U.S. border.

If you or loved one is facing similar immigration problems in Colorado, you can seek local support to help you protect your rights and hopefully get your life in the U.S. back on track.