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Asylum seekers’ deportation stopped in emergency hearing

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Asylum/Refugee Status

Many people in California and across the country have closely followed the ongoing cases in federal court challenging actions taken by the Trump administration to deport asylum seekers. On Aug. 9, one federal judge harshly condemned the administration’s actions when he learned that two of the people impacted by the case he was overseeing were facing deportation at that moment. The two were on a plane to El Salvador at the time of the hearing; however, the district court judge blocked their deportation. The plane was turned around on the ground in El Salvador and returned to Texas.

In the judge’s statement, he threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt of court if the government did not comply with the court’s order. The emergency hearing had been sought by American Civil Liberties Union lawyers. The attorneys argued that the immigrants whose cases were at issue should not be deported while the case was being argued. However, in the middle of the case, the lawyers learned that their clients were already on a plane to El Salvador, despite an earlier alleged pledge by the administration to refrain from deportations before the outcome of the hearing was announced.

The judge said that the government’s actions were “not acceptable”. The case is challenging recent restrictions that make it difficult or impossible for victims of domestic violence and criminal gangs to receive asylum in the United States, upending long-standing policy.

People who are seeking asylum in the United States may be very worried about the changes to the system proposed by the Trump administration. An immigration lawyer can help refugees to present a strong case and challenge attempts to deport them from the country.