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Marriage-based immigration document preparation

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Family Immigration

One way for immigrants to gain citizenship after entry into the U.S. is to become married to a United States citizen in Colorado or any other state. However, the immigration process can still be quite difficult to navigate. That’s why many people seek the advice of an immigration attorney for assistance with the process of obtaining a green card.

One reason that the process can be difficult is that the forms used by the government are often difficult to understand. In many cases, the process can be simplified by a person who is familiar with the forms who knows how to ask easy-to-understand questions and gain any information needed. Having assistance could help couples feel reassured that their marriage-based visa application will be completed properly.

Some couples are turning to online services to save costs on attorney fees. One Seattle-based startup, Boundless, assists couples with online forms for users to fill out. These are then reviewed by an attorney. The company offers marriage-based green card services for a flat fee rather than an hourly rate, which can potentially save the costs of hiring an independent attorney.

Couples who have inquiries about marriage-based immigration laws may benefit from consulting with an attorney. The requirements for obtaining a green card through marriage can be highly technical. However, an immigration lawyer may be able to assist a client who is interested in obtaining marriage-based citizenship complete the application paperwork. Legal counsel could also provide advice on issues such as how to obtain a visitor visa. Ultimately, the immigration lawyer will provide advice on a case-by-case basis.