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How often do you talk to your neighbors, co-workers or family members about immigration? It’s definitely a hot topic in Colorado and throughout the United States. However, it’s also a controversial topic, to say the least. Political agendas, personal convictions and cultural norms influence people’s mindsets regarding those who come to the United States to live from other countries.

If you’re an immigrant, you are likely no stranger to overcoming challenges. Perhaps, you are still struggling to master the English language and, depending on how long you’ve been here, you may still be learning about state laws, traffic regulations and various customs and trends that are typical in the U.S., but are unfamiliar to you and your family. Let’s not forget legal issues, as this is a main concern of many immigrants as well. Do you know your rights and understand how to protect them?

Who is coming to the U.S. to live?

There is great diversity among the general populous in Colorado and throughout the nation. Learning more about those who emigrate from other lands, as well as other pertinent immigration issues, may help you successfully adapt to your new lifestyle. The following list contains basic facts regarding immigration in the United States:

  • In 2016, there were just over 20 million naturalized citizens in the United States.
  • These 20 million are part of more than 43 million U.S. residents who came here to live from other countries.
  • Approximately 11 million people live in the U.S. without having their paperwork in order when they crossed U.S. borders.
  • Long ago, most immigrants came to the U.S. from Europe but nowadays many people come from Mexico, China, Vietnam, Dominican Republic and India, among others.

You may be a business owner, a teacher, a doctor or a stay-at-home parent. Perhaps you arrived in Colorado on a visa that is about to expire or you married a U.S. citizen and are hoping to obtain your green card soon. U.S. immigration law is complex and often changes. The more you stay updated on immigration statistics and current laws regarding the immigration process, the less likely you will run into legal trouble.

What do I do if it’s too late?

Perhaps something has recently happened that has you worried about your legal status or maybe, a family member was arrested and taken to a detention facility. Such issues are highly stressful, especially if someone’s ability to remain in the United States is at risk. One of the best things someone facing such problems can do is reach out for support from an immigration law attorney.