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Federal judge temporarily stops new rule against asylum seekers

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Immigration Law

A federal judge in San Francisco placed a temporary restraining order on the new rules from the Trump administration that refuse asylum to immigrants entering the country illegally. As a migrant caravan started to arrive at the border of Mexico and California, the Center for Constitutional Rights and American Civil Liberties Union convinced the judge to recognize existing law that granted immigrants the right to apply for asylum between ports of entry.

A lawyer speaking for the ACLU said that Congress had specifically allowed for asylum applications from people crossing the border illegally. Fear prompts some people to enter the country between ports of entry. They might feel threatened by forces in their homelands or within Mexico.

The Department of Homeland Security takes the position that immigrants need to enter at designated ports of entry. These official border crossings, however, confront immigrants with long delays that last for weeks. They must wait in camps or shelters within Mexico. The DHS, which manages border security, reported that 107 people had been detained between ports of entry on the southern border since the president issued his proclamation.

A person who needs to approach immigration officials could look for legal representation. The assistance of a lawyer familiar with immigration law could inform a person about rights and the process of applying for permission to remain in the country. An attorney could guide a client through the process of filling out paperwork and submitting other necessary documents. These services might help the individual make progress through the immigration bureaucracy when seeking a visa.