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What should you wear to your immigration interview?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Firm News

Looking back on how far you’ve come in emigrating from another country to the United States, you likely feel relieved that most of the journey is now behind you and that you are navigating the process for permanent residency. Many immigrants say, however, that their challenges didn’t completely fade away when they obtained green cards. It’s true that any number of issues may arise at any time that place your legal status at risk.

If your paperwork is in order and you know where to seek support when needed, there’s a good chance your affairs will work out fine. Perhaps, you are currently preparing to attend your immigration interview. This meeting may be one of your biggest challenges yet. While it might not have occurred to you initially, what you wear to your appointment can greatly affect the quality of your interview.

Why is that?

While Immigration and Customs Enforcement interviewers must remain unbiased and non-moralistic when asking you questions during your meeting, it is human nature for people to be influenced by what they see. This is why it is important to choose clothing to wear to your interview that helps you make a good impression.

Clothing choices you’ll want to avoid

You should leave certain types of clothing in your closet at home on the day of your interview because wearing them might negatively affect the quality of your meeting. For instance, it’s never a good idea to wear pajama pants or blue jeans with many holes or tears in them. You’ll also want to refrain from wearing shirts that display political slogans or images that may be offensive or controversial in design.

Choose these types of outfits instead

When attending your immigration interview, you want to show that you have good personal hygiene habits. This is why your clothing attire should also be neat and clean. What you wear can help show that you understand the seriousness of the situation and that you have respect for the process. Dressing in a conservative, business-casual style is your best bet for making a good impression.

A word about accessories

In addition to the style of dress, you’ll also want to make sure you do not over-accessorize, including when it comes to the cologne or perfume you might wear. When you’re in a crowded waiting room, scents can be overpowering, especially when they mingle with what everyone else happens to be wearing at the time. It is fine to wear jewelry, scented lotion or perfume in moderation.

Where to seek support

It can be quite helpful to talk to someone who has already attended his or her immigration interview to ask for tips on how best to dress and act to achieve a positive outcome. If there are legal issues concerning you, you can discuss them with an experienced Colorado immigration law attorney before your meeting occurs. Acting alongside competent legal representation has helped many immigrants feel confident and capable of accomplishing their legal status goals.