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Colorado immigrants might encounter job-related challenges

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2019 | Firm News

Adapting to life in Colorado can be particularly challenging, especially if you emigrated from a place with a much warmer climate. As an adult, one of your biggest challenges might be finding paid employment. If you’re preparing to come to the U.S. on a work-based visa, there are all sorts of forms to fill out and information to know about this specific type of legal status.

Perhaps you recently adjusted your legal status so that you are now able to seek employment. This can be an exciting opportunity but can also be quite stressful. It is helpful to research the job market to learn what type of employment opportunities are most commonly available for immigrants in your area. Questions about resident status sometimes arise, or status-related problems surface in the workplace. It’s a good idea to know where to seek immediate legal support.

Job opportunities available

Like all workers, the U.S. Constitution protects you from discrimination in the workplace. An employer can’t deny you opportunity on the job, simply because of your race or ethnic background. Legal status issues, on the other hand, might pose a serious problem, especially if your documentation is not in order. The following list shows several of many employment industries that many immigrants have pursued as they build new lifestyles in America:

  • Many immigrants are willing to serve in the U.S. military. It is a career that often includes room for advancement, good pay and benefits.
  • If you are comfortable in an office setting, you might consider applying for jobs that require administrative or clerical skills.
  • Protect service is another active industry that employs many newcomers in Colorado and other states.
  • Maintenance work that involves installation, repairs and other manual skills appears to be a highly active industry for immigrants. Immigrants currently comprise approximately 14 percent of this industry in the United States.

This is, of course, merely a small sampling of many job opportunities that might be available to you. For a highly educated or skilled person, your employment goals might include work in the medical, legal or finance industries. Perhaps you have a long-term plan and expect to work several jobs before achieving your ultimate goals.

If a problem arises

Any number of obstacles can arise as you navigate the employment process in the United States. In fact, you could be working at a particular company for months or even a few years and suddenly face an immigration complication that threatens your legal status. In the past, many immigrants have successfully resolved such issues by relying on experienced immigration law attorneys for guidance and support.