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Immigration facts: Why people come to the United States

On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | Firm News

As one of many immigrants in Colorado, you may have entered the United States after weeks or months of preparation, or you may have arrived here under more urgent circumstances. The reasons you had for emigrating from another country of origin may have significant impact on your overall immigration experience.

When you decided to journey to the U.S., there may have been issues that prompted your desire to leave your original place of residence in another country. You may also have chosen the United States as your ultimate destination for numerous reasons. The immigration process can be complex and highly stressful, especially if you run into legal problems along the way.

Was safety a primary concern?

Tens of thousands of immigrants say they fled their homelands because of imminent violence or persecution. Perhaps your life or your family members’ lives were in danger because of your race, religion, ethnicity or political opinions. Gang activity and war are also high-priority issues that may have been significant factors in your decision to travel to the U.S.

Land of opportunity

When you were living in another country, you may have heard that there are ample opportunities available in Colorado or other states to earn income and provide for your family’s needs. Economic benefits are often at the top of the list for reasons people immigrate to the U.S.

If your country of origin is a poverty-stricken region, you and your loved ones may have thought that coming to America might be the first step toward a stronger financial future. Many immigrants are able to overcome serious financial challenges by living and working in the United States.

Encountering legal status challenges

You may have had more than one reason for wanting to build a new life. Whether you are a business owner or are planning to marry a U.S. citizen, it’s possible that, at some point, you might run into obstacles regarding your legal status. What you say or do in such circumstances may affect your ability to stay in this country.

Such situations can be worrisome or even frightening, especially if Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are involved. This is why it’s so important to know where to seek guidance and support if you have a legal problem you do not know how to rectify on your own. Throughout the United States, there are experienced immigration law attorneys who provide assistance to families facing legal status problems.