Immigration Law Is All About Family

What to know about immigration to the United States

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Immigration Law

There are about 34 million people who live in Colorado and throughout the United States as legal immigrants. Some have temporary visas that allow them to work or study in the country while others have permanent legal status. Individuals may enter the country if they have family members who are willing to sponsor them. However, proposed changes to the immigration system would put a greater emphasis on the characteristics of the person looking to enter the country.

For instance, those who speak English or have specialized skills could be more likely to obtain legal entry into the United States. Furthermore, those who are seen as likely to use government aid or other assistance programs could have less of a chance of being allowed into America. Over the past several years, there have been fewer refugees admitted into the country.

In 2018, only 22,491 refugees were admitted into the United States, which was the below the cap of 30,000. Another 50,000 people per year are given what are known as diversity visas. These are given to people from countries that don’t have high levels of immigration to the United States. Individuals living in countries such as Canada and Mexico are not allowed to apply for such a visa. This is a program that President Trump has considered getting rid of.

A person’s legal status may be determined before or after he or she arrives in the country. Those who are curious about their rights may want to discuss their concerns with an attorney. This may make it possible to learn more about how to obtain permanent resident or refugee status. An attorney may also be able to defend someone who is going through deportation proceedings or otherwise may be in jeopardy of being removed from the country.