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Making sure you have the immigration documents you need

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Arriving in Colorado as an immigrant is typically not without its challenges. Depending on whether you traveled to the United States alone or with a spouse or other family members, as well as what your purpose for being here happens to be, you may need to acquire several or many documents to get your legal status in order.

Some immigrants arrive at U.S. borders in a more sudden manner, such as those who suddenly and unexpectedly fled their countries of origin because of violence, poverty or persecution. It’s logical to assume that the more organized your documents are, the easier it might be to navigate the U.S. immigration system.

Visas, immigration interviews and more

When you attend a visa interview, you’re expected to bring original copies of certain documents, as well as photocopies. Immigration officials may deny or delay your visa if you do not fulfill all requirements. One of the documents you would need at a visa interview is an interview appointment letter.

You may also need to provide medical exam results, as well as financial documents from your petitioner. Such documents might include information about his or her income, W-2 forms or tax returns. Officials will also want to see evidence of your petitioner’s legal status and residence in the United States.

When your employer is the sponsor

If you’re applying for a visa through the U.S. employment program, your employer must provide a written letter that includes pertinent details regarding the job he or she has offered you.

Other issues that prompt a need to show documents

Some immigrant cases are more complex than others. If, for instance, you faced a crime conviction in the past, you will need to provide court records to immigration officials. Also, if you have served in the U.S. military, documents from your time of service and for discharge, if applicable, may be necessary.

You don’t have to go it alone

Especially if you have a language barrier, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which documents you need, or even how to translate some of the English, if you don’t fully understand what certain documents say. If you have relatives or friends who have already successfully obtained green cards, visas or other legal statuses, it can be helpful to rely on them for guidance and assistance.

Many Colorado immigrants also stay closely connected to experienced U.S. immigration law attorneys, so they can quickly access support as needed, if a legal obstacle arises.