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Are you eligible for asylum?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Firm News

Immigrants who live in Colorado may be there for many different reasons. Some may wish to find a better life in a safer location. Others fear persecution in their home country and wish to live somewhere that they won’t have to fear being hunted down. But just who is eligible for asylum?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services take a look at who is eligible to apply for asylum within the United States. First, it should be noted that asylum-seekers do not have to be in the country legally. Not only that, but you can either be arriving in the country or already in it in order to apply. You can apply at a port-of-entry like an airport, border crossing, or seaport.

However, there is a time limit. You need to apply within a year of your last arrival to the country. There are some exemptions for extraordinary circumstances like changes in the condition of your own country, but they are not the rule.

Even if you have a conviction on your record, you can apply. However, depending on the crime, it could be enough to bar you from being granted asylum. If you do not reveal your criminal history, this could also get you into trouble and you may face prison time for perjury along with fines.

Finally, if you are worried about finances, it should be noted that there is no fee associated with applying for asylum. With this information, it is easier for immigrants seeking asylum to know what to expect, how the process will work, and where their eligibility lies.