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What are common types of work visas?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Naturalization/Citizenship

You may have a work opportunity waiting for you somewhere in Colorado. Because of that, you may want to know more about work visas. How do you obtain them? What are the requirements? How long do they last, and do you qualify?

The most popular type of temporary work visa is known as the “H” type. It consists of several different sub-categories. For example, the H-1A type applies to nurses, which allows these medical professionals to respond quickly if there is a shortage of nurses in an area that needs them.

H-1B is more broad and covers “specialty occupations”, sometimes called “professional” occupations. This can include people who possess highly specialized skills and knowledge. You must typically have at least a 4 year or bachelor’s degree. The position you are applying for must also require a bachelor’s degree at the minimum, showing that it is a specialized job that only certain people can do.

H-2 visas are for agricultural jobs or other areas of work that do not currently have enough workers from within the U.S. in the field. This is a particularly popular visa pick if you intend to go to an area in which there is a lot of agricultural work. Colorado can apply in this situation.

There are other visas as well, but these are three of the ones most likely to be dealt with. If you wish to read more about work visas or other types of immigration visas and their related requirements, take a look at our web page on immigration law.