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What are some types of asylum decisions?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Firm News

When people in Colorado seek asylum, there are a number of different decisions that may be reached by the immigration court. It isn’t always as simple as granting or denying asylum, and many people may find themselves with a decision they may not have even known was a possibility.

The first type of ruling is a grant of asylum. This is the best case scenario for asylum-seekers, as it means that you have been determined eligible for asylum and have been granted it. Though asylum itself lasts indefinitely, it should be noted that asylum is not the same as gaining permanent residency. Granted asylum can be revoked if you commit certain crimes, find protection in another country, or if the circumstances in your home country change.

On the other side of the spectrum is the final denial. This makes it so that you cannot appeal a decision made about your asylum application. This is what you will receive if you fail to submit a rebuttal for a notice of intent to deny, which is the one warning you will get.

There are other statuses between these two extremes as well. For example, recommended approval is a notice you may get when the Asylum Officer has determined that you are eligible for asylum, but the results of the background check have yet to be returned.

Dealing with figuring out the ins and outs of seeking asylum can be hard. You can read more about how seeking asylum works in the country by visiting our linked web page on asylum for more information.