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Are you eligible for an employment-based green card?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Immigration Law

If you intend to work in Colorado as an immigrant, there are employment-based green cards that you might be able to look into getting. What you are eligible for can differ depending on your skill set, any formal training or higher education you may have, and other factors.

FindLaw takes a look at employment-based green cards, along with the categories that these green cards fall under. In this case, it’s EB-1 through EB-5, with the former having employees that are most desirable.

EB-1 is a category for priority workers. This includes famed musicians and artists, college professors and researchers with outstanding background, and managers and business executives transferring to the country. EB-2 workers are professionals who have either exceptional ability or advanced degrees. This includes professionals with advanced degrees, people who excel in business, science or the arts, and medical physicians who serve under-served areas of the country.

EB-3 workers are skilled or professional workers who do not fit into the above two categories. This includes workers who have at least two hours of experience, as well as a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. EB-4 is a category for special immigrants. Primarily, this includes current and former U.S. government employees as well as religious figures. Finally, there is EB-5, which is for use by immigrant investors only, or anyone seeking connections to a commercial enterprise.

If you fit any of these categories, then you may be eligible for one of these types of employment-based green cards, which can be used as you live and work in the country.