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Fear of deportation wreaking havoc on mental health of immigrants

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Firm News

While there have been periods of time throughout the history of the United States where immigration has received significant attention, with the Trump administration there has been no shortage of focus on immigration policies. With many families in Colorado living in constant fear of having loved ones deported back to their home country, the need for protection and acceptance are common concerns of many. 

Statistics support the results of a recent study that describe an alarming connection between immigration raids and the mental health of people who are part of the groups in question. In a series of behavioral health surveys that were completed by participants in past years, it was shown that an increase in immigration raids left people feeling frequent mental distress. 

According to experts, there are multiple contributors to why Hispanics, in particular, are facing a worsening mental health crisis. For one, right now, their group is predominately targeted by ICE for deportations. As a result, this particular group of people may experience exponentially higher levels of anxiety and fear which can greatly impact their mental health. Even for those who are legal residents of the U.S., misunderstandings among other groups could result in discrimination which also affects mental health. 

If people are facing the uncertainty of deportation and desire to work toward naturalization in the United States, they may wish to contact an experienced attorney. Legal professionals who have worked with various situations may be able to provide insight and support throughout the immigration process. 

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