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Future of DACA remains uncertain

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | DACA

More than a year after the Trump administration rescinded the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) policy, the fight to save this program continues. Several states, including Colorado, have filed a lawsuit challenging the end of the program, arguing that it would cause great harm both to both the people at risk of deportation and the economies of the states where those undocumented families now live. This lawsuit will determine whether DACA is lawful or not and answer whether the Trump administration repeal will stand.

At this time, anyone currently enrolled in the program maintains her or his protected status and can even continue to renew DACA enrollment to obtain temporary work authorization. However, new applications for DACA enrollment are not accepted by the Department of Homeland Security. Due to the lawsuit in progress, the Supreme Court will have to make a ruling about the future of DACA. The Supreme Court’s decision regarding the lawsuit may reopen the program, or it may put those currently enrolled in DACA at new risk of deportation.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser strongly supports the lawsuit on behalf of the 17,300 people living in Colorado enrolled in the program, stating that it is wrong to demonize and scare those who have lived in Colorado for far longer than they lived in any other country. He also notes a personal connection to this lawsuit, as Weiser’s mother immigrated to America.

Eight Colorado schools have also signed to support the lawsuit, including:

  • The University of Colorado system
  • The Colorado State University system
  • Colorado Mountain College
  • The University of Denver
  • Fort Lewis College
  • University of Northern Colorado
  • Metropolitan State University

These schools feel that ending DACA unfairly ended the ability of undocumented people to pursue higher education. They see DACA protections as an important part of ensuring that the diversity, leadership and talent that Dreamers have offered to their institutions continue to thrive.