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3 mistakes that could cost you your green card

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Immigration Law

Becoming a U.S. citizen takes time and patience, but once you are able to do so, you may become eligible for any number of new job opportunities. You may, too, find that you are able to take advantage of other perks that come with residing permanently in the United States, but you need to keep your green card in good standing before you are going to be able to do so. 

According to the Miami Herald, there are a number of actions that could potentially jeopardize your green card, and recognizing what these actions are may help you avoid taking them and unnecessarily threatening the status of your green card. Just what types of errors or mistakes could potentially lead you to lose your green card? 

Failing to report all of your income to Uncle Sam is a big one. Once you are living here permanently, you have an obligation to pay taxes at the state and federal levels, and failing to do so could call the status of your green card into question. Moving to another country when you plan to remain in that country permanently could also jeopardize the status of your green card. 

While actually moving to another country has the potential to cost you your green card, so, too, does visiting another country for an extended period without being able to furnish proof that the stay is short-term in nature. If your trip overseas lasts longer than one year, or if you wind up establishing residency in that country, your green card is likely going to become invalid. Find more about green cards and other immigration-related topics on our webpage.