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President Trump places temporary ban on new green cards

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Naturalization/Citizenship

Immigrants living in Colorado who hope to earn permanent United States residency face many challenges as the Trump administration passes laws that make it more difficult to earn citizenship.

These issues for immigrants continue, as Sentinel reports the president made further changes to green card issuance in an attempt to help salvage the country’s floundering economy.

A suspension on issuance 

While immigration proceedings across the U.S. have slowed in the last few months, the president believes that temporarily banning the issuance of new green cards may help the economy recover by reducing the number of people presently competing for jobs. Trump says the ban will not be permanent, may last no longer than two months and will not affect all immigrants currently living in the United States.

Exemptions not yet clear 

While the new executive order will likely make naturalization difficult for millions across the country, President Trump did mention that some exemptions and exceptions will protect those currently working in the country under non-immigrant status. The exact nature of these exemptions is not yet clear, and it may create new problems for those who want to have their working visas extended over the next few months.

Trump may lengthen ban in the future

The current ban on immigration is currently a temporary measure, according to the Trump administration; however, the president did say he might extend the ban if the economy does not recover within the 60-day period. This could leave millions of hopeful immigrants without a way to further their attempts at naturalization.

Immigration laws are now more restrictive than ever. Individuals seeking permanent residency may want to contact a lawyer for assistance.