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Challenges at work and deportation

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Removal Defense

Our law office knows that there are many reasons why people are deported, but those which arise due to one’s employer are often very challenging and emotional. For example, some people are ultimately deported after their position is terminated, such as those who stay in the U.S. for too long after losing their job. However, it is imperative for people facing this threat to have a solid understanding of their legal options. In some instances, people are able to avoid deportation by taking the right approach.

If you are facing problems at work or were recently fired, we know how stressful your life likely is. These challenges are hard for anyone, but the termination of a job is especially worrisome for immigrants.

Understanding your rights

For starters, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with your rights. If your employer has failed to respect your rights, it is crucial to defend yourself. In some instances, people are let go as a result of discrimination, while others are not treated properly and their employer does not follow through with their obligations. This is an especially sensitive situation and we believe that workers who are treated unfairly in any manner deserve justice.

Preventing deportation

In some instances, people are able to avoid deportation by taking the right steps swiftly. There are a number of possible defenses when it comes to preventing deportation and our website explores these issues in more detail. We realize that people are under a lot of pressure when they are facing deportation and career setbacks simultaneously, but going over all options is paramount.