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Colorado’s Refugee Service Program gets high marks

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Immigration Law

When immigrants come to the U.S. they often must rely on a number of agencies and legal professionals to assist them. Many immigrants do not speak English and need help filling out forms and finding work.

Refugees face many difficulties; fortunately, many find help through Colorado’s Refugee Service Program.

High marks for the agency

The Denver Post reports on the challenges a Venezuela man faced when he sought asylum in Colorado. He benefited from a program at a Denver technical college that enabled him to find work in his field as an engineer. His experience is not unique, as Colorado’s Refugee Service Program ranks among the highest in the country for immigrant and refugee resettlement state agencies.

The state office works with its partners to connect immigrants to desirable jobs. The goal is to place prospective employees in jobs that provide a living wage and offer opportunity for advancement. While the agency does not necessarily score the highest in all categories, it does rank high when considering all outcome measures. Many of the immigrants come to the U.S. with college degrees and advanced skills.

Several areas of measurements

The 2019 Annual Outcome Goal Plan by the Office of Refugee Resettlement measures a variety of outcomes concerning refugees and immigrants. The ORR requires state agencies to establish goals in the following areas:

  • Employment
  • Job retention
  • Wage level
  • Cash assistance terminations and reductions

In the area of measurement referred to as employment performance, Colorado achieved an 89% employment outcome rate. Out of 324 individuals in 2018, 233 found full-time work while another 55 found part-time work. Only South Carolina received a higher mark in this category.