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Federal judge rules 2019 asylum policy illegal

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Asylum/Refugee Status

Seeking asylum is a necessary protection for those persecuted people that need it. If rejected or blocked from entering the United States, a person’s mission seeking safety still haunts them.

NBC News reports how a judge ruled against a Trump administration policy that limits an asylum seeker’s protections and means of entering the country for security against persecution.

Third-country asylum

The 2019 policy prohibits any immigrant seeking asylum from receiving it unless they can demonstrate that they applied for asylum in a country they transited through en route to the United States.

According to an ACLU attorney, the courts curbed a “failed attempt to make an end-run around asylum protections.”

The federal judge determined that the rule violated the Immigration and Nationality Act. And also determined that it ran against the Administrative Procedure Act — an act designed to give Americans enough time to weigh in on these rule changes.

It is uncertain whether other parties intend to file appeals against the ruling.

A safe haven

Asylum is a protective benefit to all those who need it. Going through the process of traveling through one country, asking for asylum and waiting for a denial is time-consuming and may put endangered people at further risk.

Seeking asylum is already a serious status people apply for. Fraudulent claims of asylum risk lifelong ineligibility for many forms of immigration benefits.

No matter what persecution a person flees, be it for their race, religion or nationality, they deserve that protection and safety. It may be in a person’s best interest to seek out an attorney’s counsel when seeking asylum to ensure everything goes as smoothly as it can.