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Hospital visit results in undocumented teen’s detention

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Removal Defense

All of those people in Colorado who hold an opinion on the issue of U.S. immigration policy (no matter which side they may fall on) can likely agree one thing: it is important to adhere to federal law. At the same time, however, the expectation is that authorities be judicious in enforcing it.

It is in that judgment where controversy may arise when a person’s actions come under scrutiny by immigration officials. Their status in the country, the severity of misconduct they stand accused of and the method of their detainment all warrant careful consideration when the most just way to deal with their case.

Teen detained by custody officials following surgery

All three of the aforementioned elements deserve review following the detainment of a 15-year-old girl by immigration authorities in Texas. Per CBS News, the girl’s aunt took her to a local hospital after she complained of abdominal pain (both the girl and her aunt lack documented residency status). Hospital personnel referred her to another facility for surgery, yet while in route to the other hospital, authorities stopped the pair at an immigration checkpoint. They took the aunt in to custody and then conducted the girl on to the hospital to undergo the needed surgery (though guards remained with her the entire time). After her discharge, immigration officials claimed she was an unaccompanied minor and sent her to a refugee facility. She now faces deportation back to Mexico.

Assistance in fighting against a deportation order

Yet those facing deportation like the teen in this case should understand that it is not a singular event, but rather a process. Thus, they have the time to dispute it in order to legally remain in the U.S. Having apt legal representation during such a dispute may undoubtedly improve one’s chances of securing a favorable outcome.