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What does VAWA have to do with battered immigrants?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Immigration Law

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has done many good things for people over its time. It has helped survivors of domestic abuse across the country. On top of that, it offers important resources and aid toward immigrants as well.

But how does VAWA relate to battered immigrants? What help does VAWA potentially offer?

VAWA still at risk

The American Immigration Council discusses VAWA, including how VAWA impacts immigrants. It is important to note that VAWA is still in jeopardy due to pushbacks on its renewal. VAWA has seen several updates since the time it was first enacted, with each one expanding protections and seeking more funds. Unfortunately, it often runs into issues with renewal because of these expanded requests.

Potential new protections

The newest iteration of VAWA seeks to offer more protection to Native American populations. They also seek to address the immigrants who may self-petition under VAWA. Self-petitioning means an immigrant can apply for permanent residency or citizenship without the approval of a native relative or spouse who is abusive toward them. As of the last iteration of VAWA, there was no limit on the amount of petitions one could make.

In the future, other protections for battered individuals could include more resources for safe housing options. VAWA also constantly attempts to keep its network of resources updated and readily available for anyone seeking shelter, food and financial assistance while reestablishing their life.

This help is crucial to immigrants all over the state. It is one of many reasons why VAWA’s renewal is important, and why it goes hand in hand with increased rights and safety for immigrants.