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How the USCIS helps immigrants prepare for naturalization

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Family Immigration

It will take years, if not decades, to become a naturalized citizen if you were born in another country. You have already entered the country legally and secured a green card, so now naturalization is the last step you must take to become a citizen.

Many people put off naturalization because they have heard about how difficult the interview can be. It is common for immigrants to worry about the required tests that they must pass during the interview. There is an oral test in Civics and a test that involves reading, writing and conversing in English to prove your proficiency with the language.

Although it is natural to worry about your performance on a test that will determine your future for years to come, there are resources to help you prepare. In fact, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides you with crucial study materials. How does the USCIS set you up for success during your naturalization interview and test?

They provide a list of all possible Civics questions

On the USCIS website, there is a comprehensive list of every Civics question the interviewer may ask. Individuals preparing for the naturalization interview can study the list to make sure that they have the necessary information to pass. While the list includes 128 possible questions, the interviewer will only ask you 20 questions. Of those 20, you only have to get 12 correct to pass.

They offer a vocabulary list for the written section of the English language test as well. Demonstrating proficiency in English is harder than learning basic Civics. The English language is notoriously hard to learn as an adult. It has a very high number of irregular verbs, as well as many words from other languages.

Those trying to hone their language skills prior to their immigration interview can use the vocabulary list provided by the USCIS. Older adults who have been in the country for years could also benefit from exemptions in some cases that will allow them to focus their studies on Civics instead of desperately trying to master be complex English language.

Learning more about the resources available to help you prepare for your naturalization interview will make becoming a citizen unless challenging endeavor.