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Who can help their parents immigrate to the United States?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Family Immigration

People who have family abroad may enter the United States through lawful immigration proceedings. Immigrants are often excited about securing opportunities in the United States. A visa can allow someone to travel to the country legally with their spouse and their unmarried minor children. Those who have been in the country for long enough may qualify to become lawful permanent residents. Someone with a green card can stay in the country indefinitely. They could also eventually become a naturalized citizen.

Each change in immigration status can potentially lead to more immigration opportunities for the family members of someone born in another country. Some immigrants can help their parents move to the United States. Who has the option of supporting their parents for immigration purposes?

Only citizens can assist their parents

While people with visas and permanent residents can offer immigration options to their closest family members, only citizens can sponsor their parents for immigration purposes. Once someone naturalizes, they have the option of applying for a green card for their parents.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers options for those with biological parents living in other countries. Children with adoptive parents living in other countries also have the option of helping their adoptive parents immigrate.

The documentation necessary depends on the relationship between the immigrant and the parents. Their family history also influences the process. More documentation may be necessary for someone trying to bring a father to the United States if their father never married their mother. Bringing a foreign national mother may require just a copy of a birth certificate naming her as the mother of a citizen. The citizen also needs proof of their citizenship. Helping a father immigrate may require marriage certificates, birth certificates and even proof of financial support.

Reviewing both immigration policies and family circumstances with a skilled legal team can help people determine whether they can assist their parents in their efforts to move to the United States. For some immigrants, exploring family-based immigration in this way can help people share their good fortune with loved ones.